FW22 Top color trends for men’s clothing

Ahead of the FW22 men’s buying season, we provide key color predictions using the Sophicolor.com color library.

Recharge and return

Autumn/Winter 2022 will dominate the ‘new normal’ with a slower pace of life and a renewed focus on health and well-being. It is time to recharge the batteries and reset the individual’s value system, focusing on spirituality, society and the environment. Weather is unpredictable and consumers will become more aware of the seasons and desire a seasonal color palette. This will have a direct impact on their color choices.


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Inspired by the Festival of Cannes that has been around for centuries, the celebration of the fruitful harvest can be found in various forms around the world. It is a busy time of the year for the farming community as they clear crops from the fields. Inspiration comes from wheat fields and golden sky. They are classic fall colors for sweaters and outerwear.

Color Palette: Yellow and brown tones mix with burgundy and orange, a touch of gray and blue.


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Here we focus on flowers, such as violets, that bloom in the winter months. Flowers can speak and connect us with our spirituality. It’s a color range that matches the bright color patterns on knitted sweaters and prints on T-shirts, which can be worn all season long.

Color Palette: Bold shades of peach, pink and orange with purple, brown and cream.


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Walking on the beach in winter can be as tempting as it is in summer and is good for your health. The fading sun evokes a sense of wellness, walking on the sand instead of the sidewalk strengthens the muscles. This color palette works well with high-tech materials, for example in rainwear and casual wear.

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Color palette: icy pastel colors balance out with dark green and dark blue.


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Due to global warming, heavy snowfall is becoming less common than it was 20-30 years ago. So when it snows, go out and enjoy the winter wonderland, as it is usually short-lived. This is a color range that works well for outerwear, sweaters, and wraps.

Color palette: muted blue, green and ocher tones of dark blue, navy blue, white, gray and neon blue.

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