German Chancellor comes with “Germany Pact” against bureaucracy | outside

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz believes that it is time to make Germany more flexible, modern and fight bureaucracy. He makes a wide appeal to administrators and politicians from both coalition and opposition parties to support the German Pact. Government documents show that Schultz hopes he can speed up construction projects in this way, for example.

The idea is that the different government organizations will be better coordinated and work faster. All kinds of legislation related to spatial planning should be simplified. He also wants to go digital, for example through the ability to apply for building permits online. Innovations should benefit critical infrastructure projects and housing construction, among others.

According to Schulz, Germany has been too late to modernize and put things on the back burner. Citizens are tired of this stagnation. Me too.” He said he hoped he and other politicians, administrators and government officials could get rid of Germany’s “bureaucratic, risk-averse and despondent instincts.”

“Our Country’s Wrecking Crew”

Schulz delivered a speech today during his budget debate in the German parliament. He also attacked the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. “The vast majority of citizens know that the self-proclaimed ‘replacement’ is actually a wrecking crew – a wrecking crew for our country.”

According to Scholz, the agreement should also help combat the rise of the AfD. In his speech, he referred to the parties that “are trying to achieve political gains from doomsday scenarios and sow panic.” Normally, Schulz is not very outspoken against the AfD.

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