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At the end of the first quarter of this year, 3,681,337 U domains were registered. This is clear from the statistics of the Urit system. Germany has the most domains so far, while the biggest increase took place in Ireland. Belgium and the Netherlands are in the top 10.

With more than a million U domains, our eastern neighbors are at the forefront. The Netherlands is in second place with more than 474,000 domains. Belgium is a little behind in this list, with just 147,000 domains.

Compared to the last quarter of last year, Ireland recorded the largest increase of more than nine per cent. Lithuania and Malta will follow. In total, 186,000 new domain registrations were registered. Renewal rate is also high: almost eighty percent of existing domains renew their U domain name.

The number of U registrations in total has dropped slightly, mainly due to the removal of Brexit-related domain names in the United Kingdom, Urit says.

Compared to regular domain names, U domain name development is still somewhat limited. For example, there are approximately seventeen million domains (Germany), more than 6.1 million domains, and approximately 3.8 million fr domains.

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