[Gerucht] GTA6 will be released later in 2025, right?

There are many rumors going around about the release of GTA6. One says the game will be released early 2025, but the other says it will be late 2025. What’s up with that?

Take-Two Interactive is the company behind Rockstar Games, the maker of Grand Theft Auto 6. The game is high on many gamers’ wish lists (or just at the top), and that’s no surprise. It’s been a long time since GTA 5 was released until now, but we’ve finally gotten a look at what’s in store for us through a trailer. Rockstar gave us a record-breaking trailer last December and confirmed that the game will be released sometime in 2025.

The latest news from Take-Two suggests that GTA 6 is unlikely to be released until early 2025. Analysts believe this was originally planned, but is now more likely to happen later in the year. This isn’t too surprising considering that previous GTA parts were also released later in the year, with GTA IV being the only one to be released in April.

What makes analysts think so? Because there has been a change in Take-Two Interactive’s expected earnings. That increased from 8 billion to 7 billion. This is still very large. Will we see another release in April like we saw with GTA IV? Or do we all have to wait a year and a half before we can start working on the game that Take-Two Interactive themselves described as a game they wanted to get close to perfect?

Time will tell. We may get a clearer release window in the next trailer. “Fall 2025” or something.

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