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Traveling to UK is now easy. Brexit has thrown a spanner in unsuspecting cross-border jobs; The infinite on the other hand is no longer possible. We wrote about impractical rules earlier this summer. Formalities have recently been adjusted to facilitate customs clearance.

Pleasure craft reporting service

Previously, you had to fill out an Excel file (C1331) by post or email – both for National Ferry and Border Force (Customs). What can StillBut it’s also easy via the Pleasure Craft Report Service ( With this service, you can create an account with a computer, but also send data, ship information and itinerary with a smartphone or tablet. Later saving and editing is possible, so you can prepare at home and make any recent changes from the sea (requires internet connection). This information is available to both the Border Force and HMRC (Coast Guard), so you no longer need to contact the two authorities separately.

Easy online registration


When you enter the 12-mile zone, you must hoist the (yellow) Q flag (below the starboard rug). You can iron it again only after official approval. Since you are a guest, you can immediately replace it with a British guest flag. If you’re traveling from port to port, you won’t have to clear customs each time unless you’re outside the twelve-mile zone. If you are staying in the UK for less than 6 months, you do not need a visa.

Summary in English

The RYA has also compiled information for convenience This website (English).

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