GF23: National holiday brings 210,000 visitors to Kent

Yesterday, 210,000 people visited the festival. The squares were left open long enough to spread the discharge well.

During the national holiday yesterday, 210,000 people visited Gentse Feisten. Several candidates, among others, the 49th Rondkang van de Strobentraegers followed close behind. All squares, except Vlasmarkt, were open longer to better spread the evacuation.

Gentse Feesten is ready for their last weekend. Lots of people used their holiday to visit Kent yesterday, with 210,000 visitors. In order to spread the evacuation evenly, it was decided to keep all the squares except Vlasmark open for an hour till 4 am. Drefund was open for half an hour because of the crowd.

We monitor visitor arrivals and crowds in our squares every evening. Yesterday, the squares remained open for an hour to prevent unsafe conditions in Vlasmark.

Bram van Brakeveld, party mayor

Eight days later, the counter has now reached 1,295,000 followers. Of those visitors, 17 percent come from abroad to discover festivals. The largest share comes from the Netherlands, followed by France. Visitors from Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain round out the top five.

Soon on the show

  • Luk De Bruyker will be playing with Turkish Shadow Theater tonight at 10pm at the Baudelohof. In Ankara, De Bruyger was one of the few Europeans to receive the title of ‘Hyali’, master of the shadow game, from Master Doran Celebi. He is playing a play called ‘Courageous and Haciwat Deceit’ by Hervik Dewirt, and will be starring in Baklama with Mustafa Awser.
  • This evening Listening Square welcomes Jelle Cleymans who brings her fourth solo album ‘Roubaix’ together with a five piece band. The program starts at 11.15 pm.

Additional digits

  • Kent Police report 11 fights. 65 partygoers received GAS fines for urinating in public, 56 in the Festoon zone, 9 outside. Finally, 2 vehicles were towed.
  • 103 items were lost yesterday. These can be obtained from the Commissariat in Belfortstraat.
  • On the eighth day the Red Cross cared for 158 visitors at the first aid stations. The ambulance had to turn around 15 times yesterday. 43 people attended emergency services and 2 were hospitalized.
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