GGD: “The stove is harmful to health, including the health of neighbors”

Particles in wood smoke

The index asked 25 municipal health departments (GGDs) about the nuisance of wood smoke, and nearly all found wood smoke to be “alarming and extremely concerning to public health.” Years ago, GGDs sounded the alarm, but no more measures were taken to protect people. On the contrary: The number of companies selling stoves has nearly doubled over the past 10 years, according to the figures Indicator Request from the Chamber of Commerce.

Wood smoke contains harmful substances such as ultrafine particles and dust, which significantly deteriorates air quality. Wood stoves and fireplaces account for almost a quarter of total particulate matter emissions in the Netherlands. For comparison: This is four times the particulate matter emissions of road traffic. In addition, particulate emissions from stoves and stoves are rising again after a brief decline, possibly due to higher energy prices.

Health problems

According to research, on days when there is a lot of wood smoke in the air, people are more likely to suffer from shortness of breath or colds. People with COPD or asthma seem to need more medication on those days. Not only when they have the heater themselves, but also when the neighbors do.

GGDs believe that the government should take more measures against air quality pollution due to wood smoke. But it remains to be seen whether that will happen. Vivienne Hegnane, outgoing Minister of State for Infrastructure and Water Management, says otherwise Indicator It wants to make it possible for “municipalities that wish to do so to take measures in the field of wood burning in a relatively accessible way.” The Secretary of State does not want to introduce national rules at the present time.

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