Girl found relief in family: ‘So happy’

That’s says Frank Tibbey, who speaks as a spokesperson for the girl’s family, to RTL Nieuws. “The family is so happy to have appeared and to be together.”

Amber Alert

Police issued an amber alert yesterday afternoon, after the girl had been missing since Monday. Half an hour later, the police announced that the girl had been found.

The girl could not be tracked down for several days this week. With indications that it will be in Heveadorp or Oosterbeek, the area has been combed by agents and volunteers, with dogs and horses and from the air. Otterlo and Harskamp were also inspected.

no crime

It is not clear what exactly happened, and how the girl was eventually found in her home. “All we know about it is that she was found safely at home yesterday. We don’t know at the moment what happened in the days of her disappearance,” Tippi says.

Police said today that the case has been closed to them. A spokeswoman said the girl was found safely and handed over to emergency services and there was no crime. This concludes our mission and the investigation ends.”

medical help

There were great concerns about the missing girl due to her health. Earlier, the police stated that she was “too lean” and on medication. “These concerns remain,” says Tippi. “But fortunately, you are now getting the medical care you need and hopefully, you will recover well.” He couldn’t say exactly what kind of medical care she was on.

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He asserts that the family is “extremely happy” to have been found. “For now, the family hopes that the family’s privacy will be respected. The family is making an urgent appeal to the media and others who have shared her name and photo on social media to remove her now that she has been found.”

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