Gmail is undergoing small but important changes

You may have noticed that something has changed in Gmail. We explain what’s different and what this means for you.

Almost everyone has a Gmail account these days. It is easy to use, because you can easily access your email from anywhere in the world. In addition, with a Google account, you can also use many other services such as YouTube and Docs. Now a slight change has been made.

Change in Gmail

You can actually see the change in Gmail when you sign in to the email service. After logging in, you will always see a screen where your inbox is loaded. You used to see Gmail on that screen, but that has now changed to Google Workspace. This has an interesting reason.

This change is already visible in several places. For example, in addition to the web version, you can also see the screen in the latest iOS version of the Gmail app.

Pay attention to Google Workspace

Google workspace It consists of much more than just Gmail. It used to be called G Suite, but Google Workspace covers the load better. Below you will find all the online tools that Google offers. In addition to Gmail, this includes Docs, Jamboard, Calendar, Meet, and Drive. The company says it wants to create a more integrated user experience. This would make it easier for corporate employees to work together.

To make Google Workspace interesting, it has removed some restrictions for free users. Anyone with a Google account can now access the services, although you have to Pay extra If you want more. It hopes to outperform Microsoft. A paid subscription is required for this. In addition, Google is busy developing different applications to make them work better together and thus create a good service, just like Microsoft.

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You may also have a Microsoft account with an email address associated with it. In recent years, Microsoft has invested a lot in Office by creating a large platform for Office 365. Now Google hopes to do the same via Gmail.


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Gmail is undergoing small but important changes

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