Google officially retired the name Bard from its AI bot last week. As announced, this tool is now called Gemini. Meanwhile, the company also launched the paid “advanced” version in 150 countries, including all EU countries.

Gemini Advanced is based on Google’s “Ultra 1.0” model. This form is optimized for English only, but Gemini Advanced can generate responses in other languages. Advanced costs 22 euros per month. This is similar to ChatGPT, which costs around €22.50, but this may vary as the subscription is charged in US dollars.

It’s difficult to compare costs for Copilot – formerly Bing – because for most users this will be included in a Microsoft 365 subscription. Furthermore, the chatbot runs on the same version of GPT as the paid version of ChatGPT. Google Gemini Advanced also has 2TB of storage. In the near future, this will be supplemented by Google’s Gemini apps like Gmail and Docs, as well as the vague mention of “other features.”

It is worth noting that Google also launched the Gemini app, but not in Europe. Gemini is also available via browser and on mobile devices as well.

Written by Marcel Debits