Google Chat is getting a dark theme for its website and PWA app

Google Chat is one of the last Google services that does not have a dark theme for website and PWA. At least, it was one of the last services. An update to Google Chat with a dark theme is on the way, Google said in a post on its Workspace blog. The update must be available to everyone within 15 days of August 20.

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Google introduced the dark theme for Android and iOS apps a year ago google chat. When the search giant would update the web app and Progressive Web App (PWA), it remained unknown at the time. We now know that the update was low on Google’s priority list, and that it took a year to start rolling it out to browser and desktop users. Google says in short blog post That the new dark theme should lead to a better “viewing experience”. After all, the dark theme ensures that you are less disturbed by the brightness of your screen.

Similar to the mobile variants of Google Chat, the search giant gave the web and PWA versions of the chat a dark gray background. Google also uses green as an accent color to indicate an open conversation. The latter is not new, by the way, the chat light theme uses the accent color of the same widget.

New dark theme in chat, Image: Google

Once the dark theme is available in the Google chat, you can access the updated chat settings by clicking on the gear icon. In the settings, just as it was possible before the update, you can enable or disable desktop notifications. In addition, from now on, you will find the theme setting.

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Google says on its blog that a dark theme is currently being rolled out to chat users. The feature should be available to everyone within 15 days of its rollout, which began on August 20.

Google previously rolled out an update for Chat search functionand announced that it will divert users from Hangouts to Google Chat. In June, the company also announced Workspace – The successor to G Suite – now available to everyone. Have you ever used Chat, or did Google misplace Hangouts with Chat? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

google chat

google chat

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