Google Chrome warns you before downloading files in incognito mode and realizes that they are visible to anyone sharing your device/digital information world

Google Chrome warns users when downloading things to devices in incognito mode. This is to make the user aware that their browsing and search history will be cleared, but the download data remains on the device and is available to others who use it.

Incognito mode reigns supreme in private browsing that not only leaves few traces of your search activity but can also delete data that can be taken by the device or computer you are using.

The motive behind using Incognito mode is to protect and hide the browsing history you have searched on your device. But advertisers, websites visited, your Internet service provider, and device owner can still access your search activity and retrieve the data you entered through your IP address.

Incognito mode makes it easy for a person to clear their search and browsing history, data and information they entered to access this website and cookies when they are logged out. But your downloads and bookmarks are saved. This is the reason why Chrome warns the user not to download files/documents or anything that uses incognito mode.

Initially, Incognito mode in Chrome was originally developed to facilitate multi-user devices such as schools, offices, studios, etc. to keep the data entered to access certain websites private.

Incognito mode protects users from handing over their sensitive personal information to malicious parties during checkout and online shopping, and also removes cookies at checkout.

Google Chrome did not intentionally mention the warning on the Incognito page that downloaded files and bookmarks will be available and easily accessible to people sharing the device.

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And now Chrome explains this with a warning saying that downloaded files are still visible to anyone who shares this device in incognito mode.

Currently, this feature only works on Android devices with Chrome Canary browser. Visit this URL to activate this feature chrome://flags/#incognito-downloads-warning and enable it. You can now see the new prompt when you download something in incognito mode.

Before downloading Chrome continues, users are asked for permission to download files in the Incognito tab.

Chrome warns someone about issues to address when trying to download files in incognito mode, and asks for confirmation and approval before proceeding. To be clear, downloaded files are saved and can be played on the device by anyone who uses them.

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