Google discontinues Google Now Launcher for Android

Back in the Nexus days, we had the Google Now Launcher. Launcher was announced with the Nexus 5, but that’s about to end now. Google has discontinued the launcher.

The end of the Google Now Launcher story

Google has announced that it will stop offering its Google Now Launcher. The history of the player dates back to 2013, when the Nexus 5 also appeared, not to be confused with the Nexus 5X. The focus with Google’s own player was on predictions and, for example, displaying relevant results in Maps, as we now know from Google Assistant. In 2016 Google Now Launcher was replaced by Pixel Launcher.

The Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P were the last devices to ship with Google Now Launcher

Nexus 5X

After seven years, Google thinks it was cool and puts an end to its own Google Now Launcher. Those who are still using the old Google launcher will be notified via a notification and asked to search for another launcher for their Android device. At the end of April, the plug will be pulled from the Google Now Launcher. If the user does nothing, the default launcher will be activated. The Now Launcher feature, for example, was Now on Tap.

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