Google hints at Windows games on Stadia using a Linux emulator

Google is said to be planning to bring Windows games to Stadia. This will be possible by a Windows emulator based on Linux. One Users on reddit Discovered in the announcement of the Google Game Developer Summit reference for this technology. Google itself has not officially announced any Windows games via Stadia yet.

During the conference, Stadia port expert Marcin Undak will give a presentation on how to port games written for Windows to Stadia. The offer is described as follows:

A detailed description of the technology behind Google’s way of playing unmodified Windows games on Stadia. This is a deep summary of the technological underpinnings of the concept. As a result, curious developers should better understand how they can implement this technology themselves.

For now, the games are running via Google Stadia streaming service on Linux. Because of this foundation, developers have to port their games to this operating system for the time being. Moving to an emulator will make it easier for developers to deliver their games through Stadia, as most PC games run on Windows by default.

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