Govt-19: WHO needs ‘more than newsletter’ on Oxford / Astrogene vaccine test | UK News

The World Health Organization (WHO) says the Oxford / Astrogeneca vaccine needs “more than a press release” to evaluate test results.

Speaking at the WHO news conference on Friday, its director of immunizations, Dr. Katherine O’Brien, said: “It’s a press release we saw.

“Actually the next most important step is to evaluate the data rather than a news release.”

Oxford / AstroGeneca released a press release on Monday

There was the Oxford / Astrogeneca vaccine Revealed on Monday Should be effective up to 90% when given half dose, followed by a complete one.

Dr. O’Brien added: “First – only a limited amount is stated in a press release.

“Secondly, it really needs to be reviewed based on the data that can come in during the review and the data that is being asked.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“I think we can emphasize that there is definitely something interesting to be found from our understanding of press release.

“But there are many reasons for the differences observed.

“So of course more information is needed, and this includes assessments of the immune response at trial.

“So, I think we have very soon to say anything about creating data.

“What’s next – what we really need to see – is the opportunity to ask the questions that are needed to actually see the data, rather than a news release.”

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It was revealed Earlier Friday The UK regulator was asked to evaluate the vaccine developed in Oxford.

The UK government has ordered a 100 million dose jab.

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According to AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot, a half dose and a full dose were found to be the most effective in an accident.

Giving two full doses of the vaccine was 62% effective. When two different trials averaged out, the efficiency was 70%.

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