GPS Walking Tours: Healthy and fun and you also support a good cause

Walk along the Princess Margriet Canal near Pikmeer. (private photo)

AsUgo (As U go) organizes GPS walking tours of 196 places throughout the Netherlands, small scale walking tours of 14 places throughout Fryslân and hiking tours of four places in Fryske Marren, with participation proceeds going to the Spotlight Foundation.

Marcel Weyers is the initiator of AsUgo. He explains: By organizing several walking tours throughout the Netherlands, focusing on Fryslân, we give people the opportunity to be active. Especially at this time, staying active is of great importance to personal well-being and health. Of course, as the event organizer we also have to deal with restrictions as a result of the actions, but with the offer of GPS Walking Tours, where you can take a route of your choice on your smartphone using AsUgo’s navigation app, we’re giving hikers the opportunity To participate in organized hiking tours.” Customer review is automatically translated from Dutch.

Scope of tours are available on certain days. You can walk alone or with your hiking companion, but at the same time with all the other hikers on the roads throughout the Netherlands. And on the day of the event, participants who like it can share photos and experiences on their own path with other walkers via private Whatsapp groups.

To participate in GPS walking tours, pedestrians pay a fixed amount depending on the walking distance chosen for one of the trails. In each of the 196 places there is a choice of 10, 15 or 21 kilometers. All routes are carefully designed and take hikers to special and amazing places.

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Proceeds from participating in the walking tours will benefit the Spotlights Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to promote the development of children’s talents by organizing free events for children in the field of sports and active recreation.

“So the participants not only walk a beautiful path, but by their participation directly contribute to the potential organization of the activities of the Spotlights Foundation,” continues Weijers. In consultation with regional or local youth work organizations, the Foundation always organizes free-access activities in areas where walking tours are also held. “In this way, the contribution goes directly back to the source of revenue, and this is a goal we are happy to contribute to,” Weijers concludes.

Would you like to take part in one or more GPS walking tours in AsUgo or take a walking tour somewhere in Fryslân as soon as business allows again? For more information on AsUgo, the agenda with all walks and the option to register to participate, visit the website:

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