Grafton Architects won the 2022 Mies van der Rohe Award with the University of London Building

Architecture Prize

This isn’t the first time Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara have been honored with a prestigious architectural award. In 2020, the Irish duo has already received the Pritzker Prize. Earlier this year, they were also honored in our country with an honorary doctorate degree from KU Leuven.

The winning Town House project is awarded for its outstanding environmental quality that creates an excellent atmosphere for studying, dancing, gathering and socializing. The building creates an emotional experience from the inside and thanks to the portico that forms the facade, it creates a homely atmosphere on different levels. The Town House hosts spaces for dance, library and study using layers of silence and layers of sound that work perfectly together. This is the first time that a university building has won an architecture award and shows that there is a need for public education projects with the quality of this building, making people’s lives dignified through education and teamwork and that everyone has the same educational opportunities. On the jury.

It is also the last time a project from the UK has won the EUMiesAward, as the country has left the European Union.

Emerging Architecture Award

La Borda from LACOL in Barcelona is a transcendence in its context because although housing construction is mainly dominated by macroeconomic interests, the model in this case is based on joint ownership and joint management of common resources and capabilities. The model goes beyond the specific project of cooperative housing: the studio is also operated as a cooperative where fourteen professionals of different expertise provide a role model and an active tool for promoting political and urban change, based on social, environmental and economic sustainability. Jury.

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Z33 achieves the final position

The two winning projects were chosen from a long list of 532 projects from 41 countries, including 26 Belgian projects. discover them here With Z33 in Hasselt (Francesca Torzo), Melope in Ghent (Architects Xaveer De Geyter) and Gare Maritime in Brussels (Newlings Riddick Architects he m JDMA And boutiquetech office) Three Belgian projects were shortlisted for the prestigious Architecture Prize. Only Z33 made it to the five finalists, along with 85 social housing units in Cornellà de Llobregat from peris + toral.arquitectes; Frizz23 in Berlin by Deadline (Britta Jürgens + Matthew Griffin); Railroad farm in Paris by Grand Huit and Melanie Drevet Paysagiste

Francesca Torzo also won the Italian Architecture Prize in 2020 for the new exhibition stand – Vleugel 19 – from Z33 in Hasselt. The special diamond brick exterior is in keeping with the brick architecture of both the existing exhibition building and Wing 58 Like the bluff next door. The two wings are different, but they complement each other and form a whole. It fits like a puzzle piece between the Jenever Museum and the Beguinage Historic Site. †Read more

In the previous edition, in 2019, Belgian Architects stood out with 21 nominations. Then two Belgian projects secured a place in the final: PC Caritas in Melle van Architects de vylder vinck taillieu Skanderbeg Square in Tirana, Albania, from 51N4EVegetable and wood goods, Andri Sala and iRI. Renovation of 530 homes – Van Grand Parc Bordeaux Architects Lacaton and VasalFrederic Drutt Architects And Christoph Houten Architecture Winner in 2019.

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Awards Ceremony on May 12

The 2022 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture will be awarded | The Mies van der Rohe Awards on May 12 in the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, as part of a series of debates and conferences for all audiences. There will also be a presentation of the catalog of 532 projects nominated for the 2022 Prize, and the exhibition and ceremonial event open to all.

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