Grand Theft Auto 6 will get a champion for the first time

For the first time in the game’s history, Grand Theft Auto 6 She has a protagonist. that reports Bloomberg. The character, according to the report, will be in some kind of Bonnie & Clyde relationship with another character. It is not yet known when the game will be released.

the newest grand theft auto It will look completely different. according to Bloomberg Rockstar Games would like to pay more attention to combating discrimination. This is why they will grand theft auto 6 Now a female lead figure has been incorporated. When Game Exactly not yet confirmed. Rockstar Games aims to release it in 2024.

Grand Theft Auto 6

For the first time in the game’s history, a man and a woman star in the G . categorycar theft edge-Game. The duo is said to be based on Bonnie & Clyde and therefore will also be famous in the game for their reckless bank robberies and murders, as in any grand theft autoThe game is already the case. The female character will be of Hispanic origin.

The arrival of this character is considered the first, because in previous versions the leading role was always played by one or more men. This came, according to a previous report from Bloomberg, due to toxic working conditions in the past. There would have been a very masculine atmosphere within the Rockstar Games, where discrimination and gender discrimination was a daily fare. This was also the reason why many of the company’s employees started protesting in 2018.

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After a number of changes have been made within the company, the game will now develop better, so there is room for a leading character. There is no exact release date, but the game is expected to release sometime in 2024, according to Rockstar Games.

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