Great concerns for patient Armand Rosback on Expedition Robinson

After a turbulent night due to heavy rain, the Blue Team experienced so-called “starting problems”. Armand in particular. He also suffers from many problems with his stomach and intestines. “I suddenly realized how active I was in the first days. Now, there is a big difference,” says the frail actor in front of the movie cameras. Expedition Robinson.

On the way to the test, his colleague Guido Speck also noticed that Armand was not in good shape. “His body was very dehydrated from day one. That’s great if you want to appear on the cover of a magazine. But it’s probably not the best preparation for a 35-day expedition,” the former soapie concludes.

Then it’s time for the last test of the team’s immunity. The Blue Team has too many people, which means that no more than two team members are allowed to participate in the test. Even though Armand couldn’t stand on his feet anymore, he took part in the test: “I want to win this test. I want to go to this fusion. I have to win this test!”

After a nerve-racking battle, the blue team wins in the end. Back in camp, Armand thanks Iris Enthoven and Roberta Panier for giving up their participation in the game: “I’m happy because I got the confidence.”

However, this victory did not last long. Armand completely outdid himself during the test. His weak body was completely burned. “He feels very dizzy and hardly speaks anymore,” a worried Roberta tells her fellow campers. Everyone is worried about Armand, and eventually a doctor comes to the island to examine the actor.

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After several tests, the doctor decides to transfer Armand to the hospital to monitor him there and to rest his body. “I’ve outgrown my body, losing it is frustrating,” Armand sighs, feeling disappointed. Overcoming his emotions, he said goodbye to his fellow campers and left the island by boat.

Expedition Robinson See you every Sunday at 8pm on RTL 4. Did you miss the episode? You can look back and forward in Videoland.

In Back2Base, the subsequent talk of Expedition RobinsonArmand opens a book about how he is now. You can see it in the video below.

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