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Researchers at the University of Greifswald named one species of snail after Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. This university is declared from northern Germany.

Researchers at the University of Greifswald discovered four new species of snail in New Zealand in 2016. Now they have named one of them after the initiator of the climate events. These are the Opacuincola gretathunbergae, which are freshwater snails less than three millimeters in size that are only found in very small springs and streams.

With the name, the researchers want to express their respect for Thunberg. And according to them, its protest provides an opportunity to draw more attention to the extinction of species as a result of global warming.

Another genre is named after New Zealand composer Gareth Farr (Obtusopyrgus farri). The researchers’ results have been published in the European Journal of Taxonomy.

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