“Grindr dating app data users have been on sale for years” | abroad

The American Wall Street Journal reported that the data of millions of users of the gay dating app Grindr has been up for sale for years. This data, including data about their locations, was collected by an advertising network. The information has been on sale since at least 2017. Grindr herself says she ended the practice two years ago.

Although no personal data is leaked, location data can also cause problems. For example, last year it was revealed that an American Catholic clergyman used the Grindr app. This was based on an analysis of comparable user data.

In other cases, too, it is possible to identify the persons and also with whom they have entered into agreements. For example, location data was able to determine where Grindr users worked. In addition, if the phones were close to each other for an extended period of time, then it can be assumed that the owners have been dating.

The insider said that when Grindr began sharing data with ad networks, they didn’t think there might be privacy issues. At that time, the advertising sector was fully committed to super local advertising, so that users would see, for example, an ad from a nearby coffee shop.

Privacy concerns are particularly sensitive to Grindr because homosexuality and bisexuality are prohibited in many countries. The app says it doesn’t show ads in those countries so that users’ location data can’t be seen by others. The consequences can also be dire in countries where homosexuality is not prohibited. People who are openly not gay can be blackmailed with information.

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