Groningen measures the health of trees in real time during the festival

Noorderplantsoen. Photo: Wootsjee/Wikimedia (cc-by-sa)

Groningen municipality and a startup in Groningen are measuring the impact of the Noorderzone festival on trees. New oxygen sensors are being used for this, among other things. The multi-day festival is taking place in Noorderplantsoen and the municipality wants to know what maintenance measures to take after the festival.

In recent years, the municipality of Groningen and SecGroep have developed the Sensoty tree health measurement system. “We started with soil sensors that only you can buy,” says Robin Didens of SecGroep. It is uploaded to the dashboard that the startup has developed with the municipality.

Noorderplantsoen’s soil sensors measure actual conditions and provide management and recovery measures such as fertilization, aeration and irrigation via an ICT platform.

Ground sensors alone have proven insufficient, Dedens says, to correctly map tree health. “An important factor for trees in cities is the oxygen content along with the moisture.” The temperature is also measured in the meantime.

Deddens and his team have been developing, testing and calibrating these oxygen sensors over the past few years. The first publication is currently taking place during the Noorderzon festival. “The data is now entering our system,” says Didens.

In this case it is about the dashboard that many municipalities now use. Bonding with a digital twin, for example, is also possible, Didens says.

Analyzes will follow after the festival. He could then answer the question posed by the municipality a few years ago: “How can we best protect the Noorderplantsoen during festivals or in the event of unexpectedly large numbers of visitors?”

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The collaboration between the municipality and SecGroep stems from the “Startup in Residence” (SIR) project since 2018. It is a program that connects young entrepreneurs with government agencies to develop technological products to solve urban challenges.

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