“GTA 6 is no longer on schedule, it may be postponed to 2026”

Although we were told that a few days ago GTA 6 The US website claims that it will be released in February 2025 Kotaku Something completely different. Development of Rockstar's open-world game is no longer on schedule and may be postponed to 2026.

For now, Rockstar Games still has a “2025” release window in mind. At least according to Kotaku's sources. The studio recently made the decision to cancel working from home, forcing employees to return to the office. Many employees don't want to do this because they live too far from the Rockstar office.

The studio is said to have made the decision to ensure more quality and reduce leaks. Although that's not the real reason according to Kotaku's anonymous sources. Whistleblowers claim that GTA 6 development is no longer on schedule. The studio's management is nervous and worried that the game won't meet its release window anymore, and thus wants all hands on deck.

Although Rockstar Games is currently aiming for a Q1 2025 release, that doesn't seem realistic according to Kotaku's sources. According to them, a reasonable and possible launch window is closer to the fall of 2025. However, if unexpected problems arise, the game will be postponed in any case to 2026.

It should come as no surprise that countless Rockstar employees are concerned about working a lot of overtime in the coming year. Then there's Rockstar's bad habit of delaying each release multiple times. 2026 then?

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