Guilty Gear Strive takes a long time to load

Guiltly Gear paper bag-headed Faust attacks Sol Badguy with a baseball bat.

Screenshot: the arc system is working

Guilty Gear Jahed It’s, by most accounts, an excellent fighting game, but there’s one major problem that’s been bugging players since its launch over a month ago: the ridiculously long time it takes the game to load into the main menu.

The main culprit seems to be the network. Initially Guilty Gear Jahed, many notifications that the game “Set up network…” and “Connecting to server…” are being handled, and many of these messages are accompanied by a progress bar that fills up slowly while the game is doing its job, making moving forward an unpleasant feeling.

Kotaku Speak to an Arc System Works representative about this issue, but no response from the studio prior to release.

as shown HereIt can only take a few minutes Guilty Gear Jahed To access the main menu. As someone who is basically transitioning to the new fighting game of doodling in training mode, these long wait times have completely discouraged me from playing, and I’m not alone in my provocation.

seen in the past weeks Guilty Gear Jahed Players deal with this inconvenience by joking about how frustrating the experience is. These jokes often play all the time People have to wait for the clips to show عرض How fast can you beat other games and levels.

It may not surprise you that it can be finished star race Super Mario 64 while waiting Guilty Gear Jahed To connect to the network but what about? Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance? The current load times are too long to complete the classic Game Boy Advance version إصدار and the You can watch the entire series of credits without seeing it questmain menu.

Sure, these ultra-high-speed videos were made by speed runners, but there’s clearly some truth to the exaggeration. These network connection times remain a pain point in a great game with great online gameplay. And while there seems to be a solution on PlayStation 5 Use activity cardsHowever, people who want to use netplay will eventually have to go through this long process of finding matches.

We hope the issue will be resolved soon. We don’t all have classic consoles to work on sprints during downtime.

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