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Gymnastics coach Frank Lotter has been acquitted of a charge of inappropriate conduct on appeal. This was announced by the Appeals Committee of the Institute of Sports Jurisprudence (ISR).

Lauter, the former coach of Verona van de Loor and Susan Harmes, among others, was found guilty of misconduct by the ISR’s disciplinary committee in November last year, but this did not lead to a penalty. The public prosecutor had requested at the time a conditional suspension for 24 months, with a probationary period of two years. Although he was not punished, Lotter appealed the ruling.

A gymnastics coach has been accused of inappropriate behavior by nine gymnasts. Eight of these reports relate to the period prior to 2011, when the KNGU was not yet affiliated with the ISR. The KNGU and its members were not bound by the ISR’s behavioral standards before that date. According to the Appeals Committee, this means that only charges against Lotter relating to the period after January 1, 2011 can be assessed. This only applies to one notification.

“Since it has not been established whether the conduct occurred after 1 January 2011, and if so, it does not become plausible for the respondent to be guilty of breaching the disciplinary regulations,” the ruling, which was published anonymously, said. Thursday ISR website. “This means that the defendant’s appeal has been declared on a sound basis, the decision of the Disciplinary Committee has been annulled and the defendant has been acquitted.”

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