Hades 2 is in no hurry to get major updates

Hades was officially released in 2020, but was available in early access for a while before that. The final product was a huge success, so it makes sense that Hades 2 would also opt for Early Access. Anyone playing Hades 2 now shouldn’t expect updates to come quickly.
Hades 2 has only been available in Early Access for a short time, but it already has very large player numbers. In the near future, these players will contribute to ensuring that the developers are able to make the game as good as possible through updates. But Supergiant Games warns that it may take some time before major updates arrive.

In the short term, the game will mainly be modified in small ways. Supergiant looks at what players might not be completely happy with and adjusts those things. Hopefully this will improve the game for players who are already very happy with Hades 2.

After those small updates, the team will focus on a bigger update, says creative director Greg Kasavin computer games. While the team is working on this major update, no minor updates will be released. Early Access players don’t receive a constant stream of new features and content, but during content droughts, they know there’s a big update coming.

When will the first major update for Hades 2 come?

It is currently unknown when the first major update for Hades 2 will arrive. However, Supergiant already has a theme in mind for this update. It’s still under wraps, but anyone who plays the game enough can spot hints about Hades 2’s plans.

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After the first major update, the update process will repeat itself. This means that there will first be some minor updates based on feedback. It then becomes quiet again around the game while they work on a major update. This process keeps repeating itself until the Supergiant completes the game.

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