Hardware Information has a new response system

Device information regularly receives a smaller or larger update. This ensures a safe and reliable website. Sometimes it is an invisible update and sometimes the change is visible. The latter is now the case. Today, a change was made to displaying comments on all articles; It has changed from nested to flat.

The reason for this change stems from a technology upgrade of our technology stack. The old response system was powered by an open source software package called FOSCommentBundle. Unfortunately, this package is no longer supported and this increases security risks. In particular, it hampers upgrades under PHP and Symfony. To remove the risks, it was decided to switch to XenForo for the reaction system. We are also currently using this software package for forum and basic account options. thanks for the REST API From XenForo we can easily use forum comments in all articles.

Because of the change to the “flat” view, you react differently to the reactions of your fellow users:

1. To comment, click the Reply button (just as it actually works).
2. Next, the comment you want to reply to will appear quoted in the comment box where you post your content. This way, your fellow users can see the comment you’re replying to.
3. When you post your answer, it will appear as a separate answer at the bottom of the page.

Comments under articles will be converted. This process will be completed during the day. The most recent articles are converted first, followed by the oldest articles. So, if you are reading an old article or post today, the comments may be missing. This will be reset at a later time.

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