Harry and Meghan back to England? “maybe well”

Grant Harold (45) worked as Charles’ butler from 2004 to 2011. Speaking in an American newspaper New York Post A good option would be for Harry and Meghan to move back into a home in England. “There’s a good chance Harry will eventually buy his own property in the UK. Never say ‘no’. It’s still his home, and he and Meghan could really use a base near the Windsors.”

Harry and Meghan to California

Harold thinks Harry will be ‘on the move’. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the UK in 2020 and moved to California. Since then they have returned only a few times.

“Harry often comes alone”

“I expect Harry to buy a house so he can come by himself more often. Meghan doesn’t have family in London so she doesn’t have to come along all the time,” the former butler continued. “But Harry has his nieces and nephews, who he still keeps in touch with. Also, he’s always connected to his home country and he doesn’t want to give up that connection completely.

A house in the United Kingdom offers the best chance of reconciliation with his family, Harald thinks.

‘Harry and Meghan are an asset’

The former butler is positive about Harry and Meghan. He says he regrets moving to the States. “I thought they were an asset to the monarchy. They appeal to the younger generation.

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Source: AD/New York Post

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