‘Harry is 10 ranks behind other royals during Charles’ coronation’

The fact that Prince Harry, 38, is in the UK for the coronation of his father King Charles, 74, doesn’t mean it will be a fun reunion. According to Paul Burrell, former butler to the royal family, Harry has to sit ten rows behind his relatives during coronations. This writes “the sun”.

“I think he got a very cold response from the Windsor team.”

According to Paul, there is also “no chance” that Harry and the rest of the royal family will make amends during his visit to London. “I think he got a very cold response from the Windsors,” said the former butler to Diana, the mother of Harry and his older brother William.


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Paul also knows Harry’s visit won’t last long. According to him, it may be gone within 24 hours. “He’s coming because his dad wants him to be there,” says Paul.

Meanwhile, preparations for Charles’ coronation are in full swing. You can see more about that in the video below.


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Source: RTL Boulevard

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