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Prince Harry has lost his security case in the UK. On Wednesday, the British Supreme Court issued a ruling against the prince.

Police protection for Harry in the United Kingdom ended in 2020 after he and his wife, Meghan, resigned as working members of the royal family and moved to the United States. This was a reason why the government would not automatically protect Harry with taxpayers' money if the prince returned to his home country.

However, Harry felt that by withdrawing his protection he received “unlawful and unfair treatment”. “The UK is my home and the center of my children’s heritage. This should not happen if it is not possible to keep them safe,” he said at the start of the case in December.

The court did not agree to this on Wednesday. According to the Supreme Court, the decision to suspend security was neither illegal nor irrational.

When Harry (with his family) comes to the UK, he no longer automatically enjoys the protections he had when he was a working member of the British Royal Family. The British government made this decision because the prince took a step back and essentially lived abroad.

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