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All parties supported the FRP proposal.

Two doctors have worked alternately in Harstad municipality for several years. One at Vågsfjord Medical Center and the other at Sjøkanten Medical Centre.

From 1 September, the municipality of Harstad will have the opportunity to accept three PhD positions in turn. Politicians in Harstad said yes to this week, but they want more.

On Wednesday, the Health and Welfare Committee unanimously agreed to spend 270,000 crowns on a rotating third doctor position, but also asked management to consider the possibility of getting more.

can solve the problem

It was city council representative Christian Ellerzen (Frp) who took the initiative to bring more doctors to Harstad.

– It is very good to have another rotating doctor position in its place, the so-called LIS1 position, after the FrP received a proposal to this effect during the last city council meeting, says Eilertsen.

He says fully trained doctors working in shifts could be part of the solution to the community’s GP crisis.

– This is not enough to resolve the crisis in the service of the general practitioner. Next, stronger national action must be taken and parliament must step in, says Ellertsen.

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There is no place for more today

The municipality is now studying whether it is possible to appoint more than three doctors in rotation. Today, the current medical center in the city does not have space to accommodate additional LIS1 doctors.

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Renovation can be considered to increase the number of buildings for additional functions. If the funds are used to rebuild some medical centers to increase the number of offices, it would be more appropriate to build an office to increase the number of GPs in the current doctor’s office before appointing four doctors, the mayor wrote in his statement. recommendation Letter.

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