Health forces Haarlmer Just Spie to resign from work at the KNVB

Just Spie announced his resignation from his duties in the Dutch Football Association for health reasons. The 58-year-old Spee was appointed president in 2019. Last year, Haarlmer was re-elected.

“Unfortunately, my health does not allow me to continue the work that I enjoy so much,” Spee said. “This hurts me.” “I got to know the Dutch Football Association as a great organization with excellent colleagues, and I worked great with them. Then saying goodbye is difficult, especially if forced by circumstances. The old saying is that health comes before everything, which unfortunately now also applies to “My situation.”

The association regrets Seby’s decision but respects it. “Joost’s departure is regrettable and very sad. He has done a great job for the Union, at international level, but certainly also in his country, although the latter is often less visible. I saw the good role he played, also within the European Union.” “The organization, and I would like to thank him for that,” said Jan Albers, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Spe will remain official president of the federation until the next federation meeting in December. He then formally submits his resignation from his position. Spe will remain a member of UEFA’s Executive Committee. “He will continue to undertake this position, which is much less demanding in terms of time and energy at the present time,” the association said.

In 2019, Spee was succeeded by Michael van Praagh. The KNVB will soon begin a “delicate process” to succeed Spey.

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