“Health is on the agenda of many parties, we must now work together”

On May 27, GroentenFruit Huis and the Royal Dutch Rowing Federation (KNRB) held a live broadcast on the role of sport, business and politics in a healthy food environment. Under the leadership of Govert Vierever, a former Olympian, several invited guests entered into a conversation.

A healthy choice is an easy choice
Mark Waters (Chief Sports Chef) and Debbie Stam (TeamFit JOGG) were the first to talk to each other. “As a top athlete you need a lot of nutrition, it is important to make sure it is healthy food and contributes to recovery or performance. If top athletes are not eating well, they cannot recover properly and are not at their peak, there is a role to provide the building blocks that have been agreed on it in advance. This varies from person to person.”

“What we see now is that many sports environments are still very unhealthy. TeamFit advises sports federations and websites on how to switch to a healthy sports environment. If you offer healthy products, it is easier to make the healthy choice. Engage in a conversation with your members. Starting on a scale Small, for example, by delivering fruit from a local supplier, you can also remove a lot of resistance. ”

Good nutrition makes the difference
Quinn Justin (Paediatrician at Erasmus MC) and Marco de Vonkert (Van Gelder Fruits and Vegetables) together came to the conclusion that parents should give their children healthy food as a gift. Quinn’s activities include food for the entire hospital, from patient to visitor. “Nutrition should be a much larger part of the treatment protocol for patients. At the stage of illness or the breakdown of your body, it is essential to provide the right nutrition at the right time. You also have to individually decide which food is best for patients. In recovery. More attention should be paid to So “.

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Van Gelder wants to see a change from “You should eat vegetables” to “Vegetables are simply delicious to eat”. Changing core consumer behavior takes time. “But it is important that all fruit and vegetable suppliers, but above all consumers also enjoy fruits and vegetables. That is why Van Gelder has created a hub of experience where everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the flavour, richness and many possibilities of fruits and vegetables. Get inspired to eat more fruits and vegetables yourself. Because it tastes good.”

The goal is an integrated government approach
Janine Luten (GroentenFruit Huis) and Marjolein Bolhuis-Eijsvogel (JOGG) quickly agreed that an integrated government approach is desirable when it comes to a healthy food environment. This includes several ministries. It takes a lot of people who have to deal with this together. The temptation is too great and we all need to make sure that those temptations are removed. There is a role for government in prevention and there are actions they can take. For example, lowering the value-added tax on fruits and vegetables or providing healthy school lunches. Health is on the agenda of many parties. Now we have to work together and keep going. “

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