Heats up in traffic jams: expect big holiday crowds on European roads | the heat

According to the ANWB, people who go on holiday by car on Saturday and Sunday are best left around noon. Long traffic jams are expected in France, Germany, Austria and others. For example, the waiting time for Karawankentunne, towards Slovenia, has increased to over 45 minutes.

The roads between Paris, Lyon, Marseille and around Hamburg, Munich and Salzburg are also likely to become congested. On the A8 motorway south of Munich, in the direction of Salzburg in Austria, motorists have now stopped for an hour.

In France, vacationers on the A7 motorway heading south between Lyon and Avignon experience delays in several places. In total about two hours. On the A10 motorway between Tours and Bordeaux, the delay is now about 75 minutes, the Traffic Service reports.

In Italy on the A1 south at Piacenza, stop for 30 minutes and on the A14 between Bologna and Rimini you have to wait about an hour. On the A22 motorway, from Bolzano to Verona, there is a total of about 45 minutes of traffic congestion. For Swiss Gotthardtunnel from Ertsfeld, the waiting time has increased to at least 80 minutes.

Near the house, near Liège, the delay can also be significant because the road is closed in both directions due to construction work on the E25.

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