“Heroine of Israel”: This is how Inbal (25 years old) lured Hamas fighters into a trap and prevented a massacre on the kibbutz | The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Shortly before Hamas fighters attacked her kibbutz, Inbal Lieberman, 25, reacted quickly. She brought the women and children to safety and distributed weapons to her team. Hamas fighters ended up in a complete ambush. Thanks to Inbal, Nir Am became one of the few kibbutzim near the Gaza Strip where no civilians were killed. She was hailed as the nation’s heroine.


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In December 2022, the 25-year-old was elected security coordinator for Kibbutz Nir Am, a small community located a few hundred meters from the border with the Gaza Strip. Inbal grew up here before doing her national service and attending the Women’s Leadership School.

Lieberman assumed the position of security coordinator, succeeding her uncle, Ami Rabin, and she is also the first woman in Israel to hold this position. Military security coordinators are responsible for the security of the kibbutzim and must try to hold out in emergency situations until the army or police arrive.

Early in the morning of October 7, Inbal quickly realized something was wrong. “It appears that the terrorists tried to break into a large chicken farm near Nir Am, perhaps because they confused the kibbutz fence with the kibbutz fence,” Inbal’s uncle, Ami Rabin, told The Times of Israel.

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But the young woman was immediately alert and responded immediately. She was one of the first in the entire country to understand what was going on. “I ran frantically from house to house,” Rabin says. First, Inbal brought the women and children of the community to safety. It then distributed weapons to the response team and stationed them in strategic locations on the kibbutz.

look. Hamas commits a massacre in a village near the Gaza Strip

Hamas fighters, who arrived soon after to kill civilians, were eventually met by a hail of bullets. Later, 25 bodies of vandals were counted at the fence. Thanks to Inbal’s quick response, the kibbutz residents were released and a massacre was prevented.

After the small community managed to repel the terrorists, Inbal and her relatives were evacuated, as were many other kibbutz residents. She is currently staying in a hotel in Tel Aviv, where Mayor Ron Holaday congratulated her on her heroic act.

“Inbal is a hero,” Holladay wrote on Facebook. “Thanks to her composure and heroism, the kibbutz residents remained unharmed.”

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