Hot, cold, dry, wet … Where do these April freaks come from? | again than that

April lives up to its reputation as the month of whims. This is mainly due to the temperature of the water around us, in the seas and oceans. For example, the North Sea is at its coldest at the beginning of spring. Then the sea water temperature fluctuates between 4 and 9 degrees Celsius. In April, the temperature slowly rises to 7 to 11°C.

On the mainland everything goes faster and there is a huge temperature difference. As a result, areas of low pressure settle over the eastern part of the warm European continent and areas of high pressure over the cold Atlantic Ocean. This means that the wind can only come from one direction: the north. And with those winds, the cold air coming from the North Pole regularly blows with it. It is this polar air that causes instability in the atmosphere: the famous April whims. As a result, you switch from steel blue skies and sun to a meteor (winter/thunderstorm) and back again.

So it is not uncommon to see the mercury drop suddenly during this month. But you can also enjoy the cool beach temperatures. April’s whims in the form of snow days are becoming rarer, once every two years instead of twice a year.

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