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Are you in doubt between iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro and are you curious about how the cameras perform? Then read quickly. In this article we compare the photos of both devices.

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Comparison of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cameras

Apple released cameras from iPhone 13 employment iPhone 13 Pro Significantly improved over their predecessors. The sensors are larger and also let in more light. As usual, Pro models have an advantage, but do you really see that difference? In this comprehensive comparison we answer this question.

By the way, if you want a smaller size: the iPhone 13 cameras are the same as the cameras iPhone 13 mini. If you’d rather go a little bigger: the results you get with iPhone 13 Pro are similar to those of iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Comparison between iPhone 13 camera and iPhone 13

Primary Camera

iPhone 13 has the primary camera of iPhone 12 Pro Max heir. So the performance of the device is much better than usual iPhone 12. However, Apple gave the iPhone 13 Pro a larger sensor, which is also slightly brighter. Do you see this difference? Let’s compare some pictures. In this entire article, you always see the regular iPhone 13 on the left, and the iPhone 13 Pro on the right.

This looks like a “spot the difference” game, because the performance of the cameras in daylight is very similar. In the first photo, you can see more of the flare in the iPhone 13 photo. The iPhone 13 Pro handles direct sunlight a little better. In terms of colours, contrast, and details, phones rarely differ from each other.


An ultra-wide lens is ideal for buildings, groups of people, or simply if you want a different perspective. According to Apple, the iPhone 13 Pro version is much better than the iPhone 13 version. It lets in more light, which should be a big advantage in the dark. Can you see the difference even when the sun is shining? We compare some photos again.

For most people, the differences between the 13 and the 13 Pro are again likely to be minimal. However, they are there. 13 Pro photos look sharper at the edges. You can see this, for example, in the leaves of the tree in the first picture.

Telephoto vs. Digital Zoom

The main difference between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro is, of course, the number of cameras. The regular version has two back, Pro three. With the additional telephoto lens, you can zoom in three times without losing quality. You can also zoom in with the regular iPhone 13, but that’s digital. We compare some photos again.

While the iPhone 13 photos don’t look that bad, the iPhone 13 Pro easily wins this comparison. The pictures look much clearer. So if you want to zoom in on a regular basis, Pro is the best choice.

night mode

When night falls, you normally use the night mode. This feature uses artificial intelligence to improve your photos. Since the 13 Pro has a larger primary sensor and lets in more light, in theory this device should take better photos. Is this correct?

In the first photo, the Pro chooses a shade that is slightly warmer than the iPhone 13. The results are comparable. The second picture shows some difference. The Pro image is a bit lighter and sharper in the corners. You can see that especially in the top left.

As mentioned, the iPhone 13 Pro’s ultra-wide-angle lens lets in more light than the iPhone 13 version. This should provide clearer photos in the dark. Are you watching?

The difference is clearly visible in the first example in particular. The shot produced by the iPhone 13 Pro is not only lighter, but also sharper. Take a closer look at the buildings to the left and right of the bridge. In the second example, the Pro also performs better, but in fact both images are too weak for our taste.

For fun, we also took a look at how the iPhone 13’s digital zoom works in the dark compared to the telephoto camera on the Pro.

Significantly, the iPhone 13 photo is lighter than the 13 Pro photo. This is, of course, because the regular iPhone 13 uses the primary sensor and zooms in on it. The 13 Pro’s telephoto lens allows for less light, but is clearer.

Other differences

iPhone 13 Pro not only has better cameras, but also more functions than iPhone 13. So you can shoot Apple ProRAW. If you like to edit your photos on a large scale, you will get better results.

You can also start using ProRes Video later this year. This is a file format in which you can professionally edit your movies. We wonder how many people will use it. It requires a great deal of time and technical expertise. Plus, ProRes takes up a lot of storage space, so your phone will be full in no time.


We can imagine that not many people find the camera differences between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro very exciting. You can also take great photos with the base form. If you occasionally snap a photo for social media, that’s more than enough.

The iPhone 13 Pro is especially suitable for people who don’t want to go around with a compact camera or SLR, but want to spend some time taking good pictures. With better sensors and Apple ProRAW, the Pro gives you a very capable camera system.

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