How does your eyes affect the quality of your sleep?

Do you often suffer from dry eyes? You may not expect it, but it may have something to do with your sleep at night. Research shows that your eyes affect the quality of your sleep. We explain how that works.

There are three habits that you can better break to improve the health of your eyes and the quality of your sleep.

The effect of your eyes on the quality of your sleep

from Research Among the 70,000 Dutch, it turns out that poor eye health can be linked to a poor night’s sleep. Conversely, a good night’s sleep improves eye health. The study mainly showed that participants with dry eyes had lower sleep quality. Nearly one in two people with dry eye symptoms have frequent or persistent poor sleep quality. The amount of sleep was also worse in this group of people and they were more likely to have sleep disturbances.

It is better to get rid of these habits

employment ok + good Optician Jennifer Chen explains that there are three habits you can better break to keep your eyes as healthy as possible and thus improve the quality of your sleep, which are:

  • Looking at your phone at night

According to Chinn, excessive exposure to blue light coming from your phone can disrupt your biological clock and melatonin production. This makes it take longer before you fall asleep. Additionally, looking a lot at the blue light from your screen can cause damage to your retina, according to research. This can make you more prone to eye problems. Finally, you can also experience dry eyes faster when you stare at a screen for a long time, because you blink less.

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Can’t resist checking your phone at night? Then make sure you don’t look at the screen for more than 20 minutes at a time. Don’t bring your screen too close to your face and turn on your phone’s night mode to reduce blue light. Also, make sure you have enough light around you, so don’t look at your screen in a very dark room. You can also buy special blue light glasses to block out the light. Finally, try to consciously close your eyes more often to keep them hydrated.

  • Wearing contact lenses for a long time

The second mistake is that people sleep with their contact lenses still in them. According to Chinn, this can affect the health of your eyes. Your eyes need time to absorb oxygen, and contact lenses reduce this symptom. This can cause you to suffer from dry eyes more quickly, which in turn affects poor sleep quality. Sleeping with contact lenses on can also make you more susceptible to eye infections. So always take them off. In addition, it is wise to change lenses on time. For example, don’t wear monthly contact lenses for longer than one month. It’s also a good idea to change your lenses regularly so that the glasses continue to provide your eyes with enough oxygen. In general, the advice is not to wear lenses for more than 12 hours a day.

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  • Don’t remove your makeup

Finally, it is important to remove your makeup every night. All of these products can build up and can affect the eye glands. This can make you more prone to dry eyes, irritation, and eye infections.

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