How healthy are flax seeds?

With a spoonful of flaxseed daily, you will live longer, stay thinner and even be able to defecate comfortably. Anyway, those are the stories about this seed. Where do these claims come from? Is flaxseed really a miracle cure or are you stuck with brown seeds between your teeth for no reason?

What exactly is this wonderful flaxseed?

Flaxseed or flaxseed falls within the group of seeds and kernels within the Wheel of Five, says Iris Groenenberg, a nutrition and health expert at the Nutrition Center. These are flax seeds. While the plant’s fibers are used to make flax, the plant’s seeds are edible. Maybe even a superfood. Why are flax seeds so healthy?

Pigeon food or superfood?

Like all other seeds, grains and nuts, flaxseed contains healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. But the amounts of these nutrients vary from one type to another. For example, flaxseed contains a relatively high number of omega-3 fatty acids. This is precisely why seeds have health-promoting properties. Omega-3 is said to protect against dementia, prevent atherosclerosis, and improve symptoms of depression. So flax seeds should do the same thing, right?

Alternate nuts, seeds and kernels

Unfortunately! According to Groenenberg, linseed is no healthier than its relatives from the seed and kernel group. You can also eat a handful of pine nuts. “There are no superfoods.” It would be nice to become healthier with just one food, but that’s not realistic. Therefore, she recommends changing what you eat as much as possible. “Then you get different nutrients and prevent yourself from getting too many harmful substances from a particular product.”

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Enjoy in moderation

What are the disadvantages of flaxseed? “Flax seeds contain cyanogenic glycoside, which can be converted in your body into the toxic substance cyanide,” says Gruenenberg. If you eat too much of it, you may experience symptoms of rapid breathing, headache, and dizziness. How much flaxseed is safe? “We recommend a maximum of two to three tablespoons per day for adults, or no more than twenty-eight grams.” Craving more cum? Swap your dose of flax seeds with chia seeds or any other so-called superfood. But as with everything, enjoy in moderation.

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