How long is it to stay in bed? Experts offer advice

Sometimes staying in bed longer than you initially thought can be nice. Especially on a holiday. But can you also lie down for a long time? Experts offer advice.

“Lying in bed after sleep can feel like it takes me back to before the responsibilities began,” explains sleep psychologist Eleanor McGlinchey.

Lazing in bed

For those who are “lazy,” it is important to set boundaries. “Quality time spent on yourself can drift into something more harmful — like spending a mindless hour or even scrolling social media for a longer period of time in bed,” McGlinchey says. New York times.

“For some people, picking up their phone and checking email or turning on the news while in bed makes them more stressed,” McGlinchey says. “You were just lying in bed but feeling bad.”

How long is too long to stay down?

So decide in advance how you want to spend your free minutes in bed, this is the golden advice. “I tell people to approach it mindfully. It’s important to have a say in how you start your day,” she says.

There’s no hard and fast rule about how long you should stay under the covers after waking up, but if it happens daily, 15 to 30 minutes should be enough for most people. “If you wake up, you’ll feel good, and if that’s part of your routine, it’s OK to lie down for a while,” says sleep medicine specialist Marjorie Soltis, MD. “But I think 30 minutes is a good threshold.”

It is not a substitute for sleep

However, lying in bed is not a substitute for sleep. “But if you feel better after resting a little, you might benefit from it, even though it’s not the same as sleep.” Experts say that people who can stay in bed without work or other stress should do so without shame New York times.

This also applies to the “bed rot” TikTok trend. That’s when you spend the whole day or even the entire weekend in bed. This is still harmless — in moderation, McGlinchey says. “But if it starts to make you feel depressed or anxious or if it causes you to withdraw from work or school and become less functional, you should stop taking it.”

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Overall, relaxing in bed can be a fun time. “For healthy sleepers, it’s a good idea to enjoy your bed,” experts say.

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