How many hours a week does the average Dutchman move (and that makes us the fittest people in the world!)

We travel a lot in the Netherlands, if we are to believe recent research. According to a survey of nearly 21,000 adults The Dutch come as the fittest.

And this is not surprising for a cycling country like ours..

Thanks to this number of exercises per week, the Dutch are the fittest people in the world

For a long time it was believed that half an hour of exercise a day was optimal for our health. This offer is now regularly updated: Those 30 minutes are the absolute minimum according to many health coachesMore exercises in a day ensures better health. Fortunately, we in the Netherlands are rising on average well above those half an hour – at least, if we Ipsos might believe. A survey of nearly 21,000 adults in 29 countries showed that as a country we are doing our best. With an average of 12 hours (!) of exercise per week, we’re at the top of the list of the fittest population.

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Please note: Every form of movement is included in this number of watches. Walk the dog or ride a bike to the supermarket has also been added. And then that number of hours seems more rewarding: because what aren’t we actually doing with our steel mare in Holland, the cycling country? In other countries, there are fewer cycling: Brazil, Japan, Italy, Chile and France are at the bottom of the list. According to this research, residents of those countries commute on average only 4 hours per week.

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The difference between a man and a woman

There is also a small difference between men and women in the Netherlands: men say they exercise a little more than women. For them, the average number of hours of exercise per week is 15.2 hours. Do they bike a little more, or is it that feminine modesty? Anyway, as a Dutch person, we do quite well when it comes to sports.

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