How often are towels washed?

A great new towel after a shower. But how often are towels washed? One study provides insight and it appears that towels should be put in the washing machine more often.

Outside research Showers To You shows that a third of Britons only wash their bath towels once every few months.

Wash towels

But it’s getting worse, according to reports UK Metro. About 3 percent of participants only wash their towels once a year.

But how bad can it be to use a towel that hasn’t been washed in a while? After all, you’re already “clean” when you use a towel.


A recent study showed that 90 percent of bathroom towels are contaminated with coliform bacteria. These are organisms that can indicate the presence of pathogenic bacteria.

It was found that Escherichia coli bacteria are present in the fibers of 14% of towels. Clinical pharmacist Naira Saleem previously stated UK Metro “Bacteria such as E.coli can pose health risks if present in large quantities in your home.”

“It can cause health problems”

“Although most E. coli strains are harmless, certain strains can cause health problems, especially if they contaminate food or water,” Saleem said.

To prevent illness, it’s best to wash towels more than once every few months. How can you do it better? Professional cleaner and TikTokker Ann Russell offers tips.

Skip the fabric softener

Russell points out that it is best not to use fabric softener, as it retains moisture and thus makes towels unnecessary. However, detergent is essential if you want to wash things like makeup.

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To maintain its softness, it is better to let it air dry (outdoor) and turn it several times instead of using a dryer.

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