Huawei may scrap plans for billion-pound British campus

Huawei may put an end to the construction of a research complex in the United Kingdom, in which the Chinese company will invest one billion British pounds. The building permit expired in August and construction work has not yet started.

It informs The Daily Telegraph. British newspaper claims Huawei has halted plans due to delays. Huawei declined to confirm this and said in response that it was ‘investigating’ the campus in Cambridge. The Chinese company declined to say whether construction would begin in the next five months.

The Daily Telegraph also points out that Cambridge City Council has asked Huawei for an update on the plan. However, the Chinese company has not responded to this request.

Optoelectronic products

Plans for the campus are from June 2020, the company said, having received approval from local authorities to build the facility. This location focuses on research and development and manufacturing of opto-electronic products. These are products that use visible or infrared light to detect objects.

Huawei wants to invest one billion British pounds in the 50,000 m2 space. The complex is to be built on a site that Huawei bought in 2018 for 37.5 million British pounds, equivalent to about 42.2 million euros. Since then, opposition to Huawei has grown in the UK. For example, in July 2020, the British government restricted the use of Huawei equipment in British 5G and telecom networks. The reason for this is the safety concern of these devices.

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