Human traffickers demand release on appeal –

Appeals for protection of two Afghan human traffickers. “The kidnappers are Kurds, not Afghans!”

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West Coast Zonal Police were called in at 5.20am on January 21 last year by a Dynestylen resident in De Bunnay. The witness said a man of foreign descent with wet clothes rang in the doorway. He said the Afghan refugee, along with 13 other immigrants, had made the crossroads to the United Kingdom. However, the boat capsized. Later, five other refugees from Iran were arrested. About two hours ago, police in de Bunne stopped the suspicious car with a French number plate. Samiullah K. from the Paris region. (27), Asif K. (30) declared that they were good friends. Initially they said they wanted to travel to Dunkirk, but got it wrong. During the investigation of their mobile phones, it was revealed that the first defendant had sent a screen shot of a place in De Bunnay to the driver of the vehicle, and Samiullah K. He was in frequent telephone contact with a Dutch number that could be linked to the Afghanistan victim. In the first case they were sentenced to seven and six years in prison. But they continue to deny the appeal. “Refugees behave negatively towards customers in photo recognition. Also, according to the refugees, the kidnappers were Kurds, not Afghans. “They stick to the story of having to take one another to Dunkirk in favor of friends. “They have nothing to do with that boat found on De Bunnay!” But according to the public hearing, they are unbelievable. “They are afraid of the high level!” In addition, the Attorney General is defamatory that the people were sent to the North Sea in a heavy boat in the winter well. Asif K. He demanded a sentence for the case because it was clear to him that the person had only made handicrafts. “He himself lived illegally in Paris. Maybe he wanted to go to England by himself, but he had no choice. That’s why he had to help a few times at first. “Samiullah K., who was originally sentenced to seven years, is tough. Five years’ imprisonment is the absolute minimum for the Attorney General, the verdict on April 13 (OSM).

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