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Netflix thriller I came is at times an intriguing game of cat and mouse with one of Patricia Highsmith’s complex characters, the lovable Hugh Bonneville (from Paddingtonfilms) as a retired judge with a great deal of daring in the closet. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t have much to offer.

Hugh Bonneville plays the two hit stars PaddingtonFilms the father of a family that takes on Paddington Bear, a lovable boob who never hurts a fly. to I came The actor has clearly sworn off fish and chips for a while since he’s appearing here Lean and mean Like retired judge Hector Blake.

Blake is known as a socially engaged judge who, during his career, has won medals for his humanitarian work.
Perhaps no one would ever have known the truth, if graffiti artists Toby and Jay had not targeted him. Several times they succeeded in penetrating luxury villas and apartments to leave a life-size “I Came By” sign on the walls. Their method: As a service employee, they ask if they can go to someone’s restroom and then type in the Wi-Fi password. This way the alarm system can be turned off later.

But before storming into Blake’s house, Jay decided to stop tagging. He becomes a father and cannot end up in prison again. Then Toby breaks into Hector’s house himself and makes a strange discovery. Then he tries to explain it to the police. But here’s the outline of Highsmith’s character: Blake is a cunning man.

Unfortunately, Hector Blake is the only truly clever thing about this thriller, even if the movie tries to say something about class justice in a land of marmalades and bumbling prime ministers. To the wicked and layered Blake, for example, Toby’s decision to break in on his own seems hopelessly stupid. As a movie, you can’t build serious Jekyll & Hyde on the one hand and skimp things on shaky horror tropes on the other. It is one or the other.

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I came It can now be seen on Netflix.

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