‘I was fired by the Labor Party’

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Famous British director Ken Loach says he was kicked out of the party by Labour. Loach, who sparked international controversy over flexible working two years ago with his film “Sorry I Missed You” about package delivery and a home care worker, claims that he was left out as part of a “witch hunt” and that he was killed by him. He will not deny it.”

Loach, a professor of social realism films about the lower classes of British society, belongs to the left wing of the party. He is a supporter of former leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was forced to leave after his historic election defeat to Boris Johnson. Corbyn was later suspended from his party membership for claiming that complaints about anti-Semitism within the party had been exaggerated. Later he regained it.

New Commander Keir Starmer will be there Fulgens Guardian They went out to “purge” the Corbyn supporters’ party. They accuse Starmer of inverting democracy in the party and fighting some opponents within the party more fiercely than the conservatives. The disqualification of a socialist celebrity like Loach is likely to further divide.

The 85-year-old filmmaker left Labor at the start of this century because he found Tony Blair’s politics unpalatable. He returned when Corbyn became captain.

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