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The Ice Hockey Federation has been informed that their request for exemption from the rule that they must be present in quarantine hotels in Latvia after the World Cup will not be given priority.

This means that in the absence of last-minute changes, the national team from the quarantine hotel should arrive in Norway on Tuesday, he wrote. VG.

The Ministry of Justice informed us that our request was not a priority. Uttar Eddy, Secretary-General of the Ice Hockey Federation, told the newspaper that they are processing requests in the order in which they come.

On Sunday, the Ice Hockey Association applied for an exemption from quarantine regulations from the authorities, but it was only time for them to be processed upon returning home. That means at least three days in a quarantine hotel. After three days, a negative PCR test can allow the remainder of the home quarantine to be completed for ten days.

The government has allowed exceptions to these rules for foreign athletes regarding preparations for the Tokyo Olympics. The Ice Hockey League believes the exception should apply to them, as they secured their Olympic qualification in August. Eddie also believes it is unfair not to give them an exception, as the men’s national soccer team was able to access their matches in Malaga, Spain, this week.

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