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The Royal Netherlands Water Sports Association (KNWV) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W) have been tightening the rules for issuing the International Fun Certificate (ICP) since May. The reason is receiving signals of improper use. The finer details will be announced this fall. The new rules should go into effect early next year.

In the Netherlands, there is no registration requirement for most leisure boat classes. Within Europe, on the other hand, it is necessary in almost all countries to have a certificate of registration. ICP was created for the reasons mentioned above. Although the ICP is not an official title deed, you can use it to navigate your leisure boat within many European inland and coastal waters.

The ICP is not expressly a proof of citizenship and registration like maritime crafts and does not grant the right to fly the Dutch flag. In the Netherlands, Watersportverbond has, among other things, signed a compact with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to be able to issue international comparison programs. The ICP is accepted in countries that implement Resolution 13 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) of 1986. In addition to the Netherlands, there are: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, UK. Not all countries that implement Resolution 13 themselves produce the International Comparison Program.

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For some time now, mentions have been received from Dutch water sports enthusiasts having problems with the ICP in official bodies abroad. This can cause pedestrians or even boats to refuse to dock. Countries known to have not signed Resolution 13 are Italy and Portugal. Previously, however, this did not lead to problems as it is now revealing itself. This also applies to Spain, which has also not signed Resolution 13. For countries that do not accept the ICP or are not known to be known, only to navigate the ICP is at your own risk. Certificate of registration is accepted everywhere.

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In addition, the police issued an indication that criminals are using the ICP inappropriately. So the police are also involved in reviewing the handover process to stop the violations. Watersportverbond was not aware of the nature, scope, and specific examples of abuse that is now going through.

KNWV is committed to keeping Dutch water sports enthusiasts going on vacation with their boat without complicated and costly documentation. We are consulting with the ministry to incorporate a number of measures when issuing the ICP to stop abuse.

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