ICSYV pseudo-crows are causing the fun: ‘The worst of them all’

Once again, there are six candidates ready to prove themselves as the best singer or vocalist. The goal is to discover who can or cannot sing. At the end of the program, Trijntje has to sing a duet with the last candidate. If it turns out that they can sing, Nicky wins 5,000 euros, but it turns out that they made the wrong choice, the candidate is the buyer of bacon.

In the first round, Trijntje and Nicky have to use the situation to discover if he really has singing talent. Trijntje and the committee members think candidate # 2 can’t sing, but Nicky ignores this and goes to # 3, Effect. Luckily for Nicki, he has listened to his feelings, because she can sing anything but sweet honey sweetie. “I think it’s smart to be able to sing outside the tune,” says Trijntje.

The second round consists of lipsync. True singing talent mimics a song with her voice, but the false crows are on a tape. After a series of gigs, it’s up to Nikki to make the decision again. Choose number 2, Elegant student. Unfortunately wrong choice. Because Luke, as he’s called in, can actually sing very well.

Then we see two videos in which we briefly hear an audio part. They pick numbers 4 and 6. The board definitely knows after that, number 4 can’t sing and Nicky gets along with it. And Daveson, like Great comic Really sexy, I really can’t sing. But in this round, two candidates have to leave the game, so Trijntje and Nicky face a tough choice. The committee pretty much thinks numbers 5 and 6 can sing, but Jeroen convinces Nikki he’s # 6, The The perfect pitch girl power You can not sing. And he’s right again, because there are definitely no clean notes from her throat. The show brings the necessary laughs to the audience and Carlo. “It was the worst ever,” says the presenter.

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There are now two more candidates, # 1, Vine World Opera and # 5, Drag Queen. The tricky part of this program is that there is no need for any good singer or singer in the game. After a tough round of questions, Nicki really has to choose. He chose Vinoloog’s opera, and he says she can’t sing. But that was a very poor choice, because she can sing very well.

This means Trijntje has to sing a duet with Queen of Drag to see if she can sing. If that is the case, Nicky wins 5,000 euros. But it turns out to be a complete failure, and then the drag queen runs away with money. Fortunately for Nikki, however, the drag queen can sing fantastically.

Also, committee members sometimes don’t know what they’re hearing. RTL Boulevard put them to the test.

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