“I’m fine with you being an hour late.”

At the edge of a passing crowd, fellow guide nudges 19-year-old Vincent forward. A cheerful third-year psychology student drinks small sips of 0.0 Desperados in an orange T-shirt. Together with another guide, he is the proud liaison to fourteen social science students.

Why are you a guide?

“Last year I was really pleased that you got an introduction to student life and Rotterdam. You really can help new students get off to a good start. As a responsible person, I sometimes get nervous, because you have to be sane. But it is worth it. You get a lot in contrast”.

What non-program places and associations would you want to show anyway?

“The program is already full. But I definitely want to visit my study union Cedo Nulli. There I do a committee for new students. I also want to visit sports clubs.”

What did you appreciate in the mentor when you were a student during Eurekaweek?

“We didn’t have to be on time, I appreciate it. Because sometimes you don’t sleep much. That’s what I’m trying hard for as proof. I’m fine with you being an hour late. As long as it’s not all the time. What I also appreciate is that the proof didn’t He always counted the number of group members, but the guides approached this a little calmly. The most important thing is to meet people, how and what is less important. ”

What is your nightmare scenario for this week and how do you prepare for it?

“This morning I panicked a little when there was no girl. Luckily nothing happened. She had previously indicated that she couldn’t come on the first day and only canceled through the board. So we heard about her later.”

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What do new students think of the guide?

A first-year student blushes and after some insistence says: “It is nice because he often asks how you are.”

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